The Beginning

Customer is a leading global provider of product engineering and semiconductor design services in 140 countries.

Design Team started PCB design service and setup collaborative work flow methods.

The Growth
  • Design team now supporting 500+ complex PCB design, Signal Integrity/Power Integrity Analysis.
  • Design Team had also executed data migration across CAD platforms for 150 PCB databases for their large U.S end customer
  • Customer started using Avalon assembly facility a decade back.
  • Avalon demonstrated capability to assemble very complex PCBs which includes Package-on-package technology.
  • >98% yields whereas other competitors were less than 80%.
  • Client’s end customers are world’s leading semiconductor companies with shipments effected to their customer U.S.A headquarters.
The Thrive

Success resulted in customer being acquired by one of world’s largest product/services/distributing company.

Workflow – PCB Design with SI analysis, PCB Assembly in NPI, PCB Assembly/Box Build in Production.