Markets Served

Markets Served

In its two decades of operation, Avalon’s ‘manufacturing your success‘ formula has served a diverse portfolio of industries. Avalon believes in maintaining long-term relationships through a product’s life cycle. Besides our in-house team, we also have an ecosystem for clients to leverage design-related services in an efficient global supply chain. We combine integrated design and manufacturing solutions with sound vertical expertise to offer flexible solutions – from conceptualizing an idea to scaling it up.

The world is moving towards making the planet safer with clean energy leveraging  solar energy, electric power generation, and hydrogen fuel. Avalon contributes by placing integrated manufacturing prowess in the hands of renewable energy companies. Our established processes provide energy companies in meeting their design-to-manufacturing requirements.

Here are some of the ways Avalon is diligent in enabling energy companies to achieve their goals:

The mobility industry is surging forward to create resilient and sustainable systems for the future. Avalon collaborates with clients  in air, rail and automotive transportation.

Global technology advancements are pushing the communications ecosystem towards faster development cycles and competitive price points.We are one of the leaders in high mix, flexible volume product manufacturing and are present in most industry verticals including communication.

The industrial market has been impacted by technology advancements. Equipment, vehicles, machines and products are now getting connected and smarter. We bring together our vertical expertise with a proven ability in technology, communication and electronics to help market movers develop products for a smarter world.

The world is moving towards clean energy electrification technology. Our optimized manufacturing support offers greater cost-efficiency for companies. Avalon’s ability to manufacture and assemble in different locations also enables us to offer the benefits of hybrid manufacturing to our customers.

Electric Vehicles

Avalon’s capabilities, from design to end-of-life, enable electric vehicle manufacturers to meet growing consumer demands.

Avalon leverages experience in prototyping, turnkey design and manufacturing of inverters, charge controllers, and home energy systems for solar equipment manufacturers, energy management and sustainable solutions companies.

With an increased focus on climate change and policy improvements, solar power is rapidly transforming into a competitive energy source that needs solar-powered hybrid systems. Our end-to-end integrated solutions have enabled solar power product delivery for leading clean energy companies. Avalon has experience in concept-to-scale manufacturing of solar hybrid power systems and inverters. This enables us to support the manufacturing needs of clean energy companies which implement sustainable technology through intelligent systems and solar tracking.

With increasing needs for decarbonized energy, the need for sustainable hydrogen power is gaining momentum and Avalon works on product lines driving towards more sustainable technologies.

Avalon manufactures complex sheet metal fabrications, machining, and injection molded plastics for applications in the aerospace sector. Avalon is an AS9100D company and is NADCAP certified for fusion and resistance welding. Our capabilities include manufacturing support in aircraft seating, cargo, smoke detectors and engine parts. Leveraging this experience, today, Avalon also innovates in sheet metal fabrication, machining, and aerospace plastics for aircraft.

Across the globe, Avalon has worked with leading OEMs and rail operators to support the creation of railway systems. As an RDSO approved manufacturer, we help global railway transport manufacturers in India. Our products are in applications ranging from signaling.

We are one of the leaders in high mix, flexible volume product manufacturing and are present in most industry verticals including automotive. Avalon also supports the e-mobility technologies. Our experience in electronic control units and telematics additionally provides competitive advantages to our automotive customers.

Across the world, 5G is playing a significant role in industry digitalization. We support 5G network equipment manufacturers with concept-to-realization and turnkey builds. Avalon’s integrated vertical manufacturing for products such as antenna boxes, remote radio heads (RRH) and baseband units (BBU) help our customers using 5G technologies.


Satellite-enabled devices need to operate under demanding environments and situations. Avalon supports market movers and market makers by combining our expertise in telemetry and geolocation technologies with integrated manufacturing capabilities to help create satellite-enabled location-based solutions, such as base station antenna systems, digital antennas, and control panel systems.

As businesses go digital, their infrastructure shifts from legacy systems. Networks have gained prominence with the growing need for secure connectivity and reliability. With several years of experience in a broad range of communication and networking products, Avalon helps customers leverage IoT and telematic technology to meet this global need. Our integrated design and manufacturing capabilities, supported by a global supply chain, enable swift and optimized manufacturing support. These products include cameras and communication systems.

Our customers in the power spectrum range from companies in power generation, power transmission and distribution, power storage and power conditioning systems.

Our integrated design and manufacturing solutions help innovate across technologies, such as power electronics, and transformers, while benefitting from our global manufacturing footprint.