Supply Chain & Logistics
Supply Chain & Logistics
De-risk your supply chain & logistics with our hybrid smart model

It is not enough to bring your product to life. Manufacturing success depends on delivering the right quality at the right time, every time. To achieve this, you need to be sure of your logistics support.

Avalon has over two decades of experience in managing global, complex supply chains. We use technology solutions to offer clients end-to-end visibility, while enabling us to proactively identify and mitigate risks to the supply chain.

Additionally, we work with our supply chain partners to understand gaps and optimize opportunities to get your products delivered on time and within budget.

Learn more about how we can help with Design

  • Strategic Sourcing with market risk analysis
  • Mitigating risks with operational excellence
  • Optimizing costs with process improvements
  • Flexible design solution with value engineering
  • Contingency plan strategy
  • Enriched Supply capabilities with variety of commodities
  • Wide Integrated Network across Globe
  • End to End logistics solutions
  • Sustainable Cargo process flow
  • Quick Turn around time