Success Story of Individual

Ghenadie Juravschi

Technician Team Manager

Atlanta, USA

"The taste of success is the main element in a passion for any job."
My Background

I am Ghenadie Juravschi, born in the Republic of Moldova.

Way back in middle school, I participated in a local radio club. Ever since then, I was very passionate about electronics, which made me choose Electrical Engineering as my career later in life.

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Management in Electrical Industry from Technical University of Moldova.

My Avalon Story

I started working with Avalon, Unites States as an Assembler. Though at the time I could not speak English, Avalon had a co-worker translate my tasks. Six months later I was promoted to a Technician and then an Electrical Engineer.

Currently, I work for Avalon as a Senior Electrical Engineer and Technician Team Manager.

My primary role is to design and develop new products, along with supporting production daily. I also support the testing stations, both in-house and customer-based. I program AOI, ICT and FPT machines and manage the technician department.

My Challenges & Success

When I started working with Avalon, English was a challenge. But the company was quite supportive. I was given assistance from a co-worker, and the time to work on my communication. It paid off because in my very first year of work for Sienna was rewarded with Employee of The Year.

It is not easy to work with different customers who have different backgrounds, which at times is not even technical. It can be challenging to explain the best approach to efficiently perform a task. But my intention to offer the ideal solution is often appreciated. I have received many customer recognition letters for my support, which certainly keeps me motivated!