Cable & Wire Harness
Cable & Wire Harness
Highly engineered harnesses for Low/Medium/High mix to High/Volume complexity that works in extreme environmental conditions

Our cable and wire harness assemblies cover commercial and MIL-SPEC applications and designs.

Avalon’s integrated manufacturing facility supports custom wire harness. The facilities includes the state of the art automatic wire processing, over-molding, soldering and harness braiding.


  • Coaxial and Triaxial cable
  • Flat ribbon cable assembly
  • RF cable assembly
  • Wireharness with complex routing
  • over molding& cable assemblies
  • Potting assembly
  • low pressure injection molded cables
  • Conduit braid cable assemblies
  • Electro-Mechanical harness assembly

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  • Fully automated wire processing
  • Harness braiding & over mold
  • Continuity & hi-pot testing
  • RF testing
  • IPC 620 standard
  • MIL SPEC harness standards