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“Local Solutions - Global Reach”

Headquaters: Chennai, India

Avalon is a vertically integrated manufacturing company with a product spectrum that spans PCBA Design & Assembly, Wire Harnesses, Magnetics, Electro-Mechanical Integration (EMI), Sheet Metal Fabrication, Machining, Injection Moulded Plastics, complete system integration & product testing. By virtue of our diversity, we are a virtual “One Stop Shop” for customers seeking holistic solutions. With Avalon providing best in class manufacturing solutions, customers can focus on their core competencies like Innovation and market penetration.

Global Locations

Our Facilities

The Avalon group of companies caters to multiple Industry segments such as Railways, Aerospace, Power & Energy, Communication, Medical, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Industrial and much more. With over 2.5 decades of experience, building customer relationships and excellence in performance, Avalon’s customer base has grown to include a prestigious array of companies that include FORTUNE500 companies and industry leaders in various markets.

Avalon’s people are its greatest asset. With over 2000 employees spread across geographic locations, the company draws on talents drawn from all the disciplines of enterprise, namely Engineering, Manufacturing, Planning, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Business Development and Finance.


Our vision is to become the number one manufacturing company in the world, where Safety is paramount, Quality is a given, Technology is cutting edge, Delivery performance is extra-ordinary, Customer Focus is undiluted and Pricing is optimal. Our single-minded objective is to strive tirelessly to add value to our customers and to pursue the path of excellence.


Avalon’s mission is to be a socially and environmentally responsible house of business generating solutions to meet the world’s needs. We are committed to be a learning organization, responding to the changing needs of time and tide. Our philosophy is entrenched in the stakeholder philosophy of management, that prescribes the upliftment of all stakeholders as we embark on the journey of enterprise.


Our Core Values

‘Gain from our wide perspective’

As a company, Avalon has a fundamental commitment to contribute positively to society, to our employees, to our customers and to the areas from which we operate our business.

Sustainable Solutions

We believe that by providing sustainable solutions, we ensure our legacy and the key to our longevity, as a going concern. We provide a safe and secure environment for our employees. Their health and safety are our continuous endeavour. We regard the eco-system of our supply chain as our partners, knowing fully well, that their evolution is also linked to ours. Our corporate social responsibility programs are aimed at uplifting the community specifically and society in general. The environment is dear to the Avalon family and we propel green technologies to the best extent possible, besides CSR programs aimed at protecting the flora and fauna of our landscape.


We live by our ideals and principles. We say, what we do and do, what we say. We believe in following all domestic and international laws that govern our transactions. Integrity and Ethics is the cornerstone of our business.


Our philosophy is entrenched in transparency. There are no surprises in dealing with us. We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for all our transactions with both customers and society.

Customer Focus

We have a single-minded dedication towards our customers. We recognize that by doing so we serve our mutually beneficial interests.

Our Journey


Avalon - All facilities

IATF 16949:2016
Cables B8

ATS (Metals, Plastics, Cables)

ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 13485

ISO 9001:2015
Management System

ATS (Metals)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Mission and Values define us
Avalon Technologies has a fundamental commitment to contribute positively to society, our employees, customers and all areas that impact our business. For us, social responsibility is heartfelt and reflective of the company’s empathy.


We ensure a secure, safe, and healthy work environment for our employees. Our EHS team of professionals abide by regulatory protocols and check procedural compliance. They monitor work environment and conduct EHS audits in a quarterly manner to scan for possible hazards in the workplace.


Effective yet easy on the environment, is our key approach, when it comes to using innovative and cutting-edge technology. We use industry approved safe chemicals and have proper regulated waste disposal methods. We are in strict compliance with the laws and regulations mandated by state authorities in all our locations.

Health & Safety

Our safety program addresses workplace hazards, and a comprehensive emergency plan to respond to injuries and accidents. We regularly conduct compliance drills to familiarize our employees with the emergency action plan.


Avalon extends its hands to the local community and their well-being. We seek to ensure that our activities do not hinder the preservation of natural resources.


Avalon collaborates closely with its supply chain partners in a spirit of mutual evolution. By facilitating cross fertilization of ideas and instilling a sense of values across the supply chain, Avalon serves to lift the entire eco-system.


At Avalon, Ethics is built on three fundamentals ‘values’, ‘principles’ and ‘purpose’.

  • Avalon strives for, desires and seeks to protect.
  • Principles of what’s right - Outlining how Avalon achieves its values.
  • End Purpose - Giving life to Avalon’s values and principles.

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