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Many leading OEMs are now recognizing the significance of outsourcing supply-chain management and consider it as a strategic option. Apart from product manufacturing and assembly services, Sienna Corporation offers vendors management programs that are extremely responsive to the needs of our global clientele. Our extensive global networks will allow our customers to monitor and regulate the suppliers effectively and at competitive costs. We can provide complete end-to-end solutions starting from design to shipment and distribution of end product and hence offer a lot of flexibility in our services. This global materials management facilitates shortening of product life cycles and also makes our services extremely cost-effective.

We have the facilities to take care of your outsourcing initiatives and just in time procurement policies. With cutting edge software tools and the speed of the Internet at our disposal, we will make provisions for our customers to participate in the supply chain management process and monitor the progress. Our integrated services also help to bring down the cost of procurement and enable better communication with all our suppliers. Our methodology also helps to identify the associated risks at the early stages of the project and so can minimize them in the product development stage. Keeping track of suppliers using the Internet tools will keep the follow-up time minimal.

All vendor related interactions like contract management, supply schedules, purchase list, quality specification etc are monitored using specialized Internet enabled tools and so there is quicker information transfer. Using our web centric management approach, all our partners can access their related contracts with specific vendors for reference. As we also provide multi sourcing purchase facility, we offer query engines to exclusively search for details. This instantaneous and paperless administration can dramatically boost your overall efficiency. Sienna’s secure systems ensure confidentiality of data supplied by our partners and provide privileged access to sensitive data. We help our partners with virtual management of vendor related processes using the Internet. Sienna Corporation always assures of superior quality service and ensures that our customers attain maximum benefits.

An email or the fax from our OEM customers acts as a Kanban trigger, which starts a series of events that finally provide just in time delivery of products to them. The order of events is decided based on the lot size and customer demand schedules. We have synchronized our supply chain operations with our inventory management system to allow better inventory record accuracy, inventory maintenance and access speed. Sienna has constantly succeeded in reducing purchase order transaction costs for our partners and in fulfilling the inventory needs.


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