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Sienna offers a broad spectrum of solutions for PCB design and assembly. We have established our potential to meet the unique and diverse needs of customers and are leaders in using advanced PCB assembly and testing processes and technologies. We have the ability to provide end-to-end solutions from our locations worldwide. We understand that the assembly industry is a skill and process intensive industry and so have invested to a great extent in technology and skills to ensure that our global partners have access cost effective, scalable solutions that are developed using the best of technologies.

Our production services are flexible and based on the customer needs and can handle low volume and high volume production of both high and low-mix products with equal efficiency. With our production facilities placed strategically across the globe, we can provide scalable solutions that cater to your unique supply and demand chains. Throughout the design, assembly and testing stages, quality holds the highest priority. This is evident from the fact that we inspect our PC board Assemblies to IPC-610C. We are transforming to lead-free manufacturing and assembly and will soon be delivering completely lead-free solutions to our customers.

We have also enforced flexible assembly lines that can be easily and efficiently turned around to evolve highly optimized assembly lines that have a direct impact on the quality, reliability, speed of operations and above all faster time to market.

PCB Manufacturing Complex double-sided PCB assembly
PCB Manufacturing Ball grid array
PCB Manufacturing In circuit and functional testing
PCB Manufacturing High complex assembly
PCB Manufacturing High mix, low volume assembly
PCB Manufacturing Back planes
PCB Manufacturing SMT placement capabilities
PCB Manufacturing Through-hole and mixed technology assembly

Sienna offers a wide range of services for customers seeking expertise in the Surface Mount Technology depending on their preference. Our production line configurations are flexible to expansions apart from being adaptable to unique production requirements and range from prototypes to high mix production. Our conformance to standards while relentlessly working for peak performance ensures complete satisfaction of our global partners.

Sienna Corporation has a complete SMT infrastructure put in place with state of the art equipment and also has a team of experienced professionals .We can handle single or dual side SMT assemblies as well as mixed technology for simple SMT assemblies to highly integrated combinations. Our equipment can handle all aspects of manufacturing including small pre productions to mass production.

Production capabilities include:
PCB Assemblies Pin-through-hole technology
PCB Assemblies Ball-grid array (BGA) and mBGA
PCB Assemblies Flip chip capability
PCB Assemblies Fine-pitch - 12 mil pitch
PCB Assemblies 0402 components

As electronic devices become more and more complex, smarter technologies evolve to counter the forces of market change. One such technology that was developed as a packaging alternative for high I/O devices was the ball grid array. Sienna Corporation makes this high-end technology available to all its partner OEMs.

Ball grid arrays, which fall under the category of Surface Mount Technology, have reduced the co-planarity and placement problems. It has better performance characteristics with regard to thermal and electrical characteristics. Though BGA is considered as a low cost alternative to fine pitch leaded surface mount, it offers specific advantages.

Ball Grid Array Reduced handling problems
Ball Grid Array Higher board assembly yields
Ball Grid Array Quick design to product cycle time

Ball Grid Array

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