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Electronic Manufacturing

Sienna Corporation has comprehensive experience and expertise to provide our customers with innovative and futuristic design services to develop products with a competitive edge in the market place. Our in-house design team can work independently or in coordination with our partners’ team to provide unique design experiences. The challenge faced by the design teams across industries is to provide optimal designs at tight budget and timelines. Sienna has the ability to critically re-assess processes and explore faster, smarter and cost-effective ways of doing them. Redefining processes and aligning ourselves to the evolving needs of our clients has become one of the concurrent activities of our organization. We offer a wide range of engineering design services using the latest design tools for drawings and illustrations and CAD models describing solutions.

Sienna has the capability to provide integrated solutions and services to our clients, starting from design to the final shipment of the products. This helps us to enforce our commitment to providing flexible and cost effective solutions. Our services ensure a hassle free transition from the product design table to the production shop floor. Our experienced team introduces key manufacturing, assembling and testing features before releasing the design for production. The DFx services we offer fall under the following categories.

Contract ManufacturingDesign for manufacturing
Contract ManufacturingDesign for test
Contract ManufacturingDesign for assembly
Contract ManufacturingDesign for procurement

Our cross-functional teams will discuss your needs to develop product designs that are quick, efficient and easy to manufacture. If you can dream a design, we can give it a solid form, keeping feasibility constraints to a minimum. Our innovative designs will reduce the efforts expended in attaining the desired quality and hence reduce the likelihood of defective products. Sienna’s web-centric supply chain further helps in identifying the availability of resources by accurate linking and also has the expertise to suggest alternate components when needed. Our personnel are skilled to handle your product design ideas and streamline them into reliable products. Our ability to seamlessly integrate ourselves as valuable extensions of our partners has propelled us to the fore in the electronic manufacturing services sector. Our design services offer a wide range of benefits to our partners.

Electronic ManufacturingCost-effective solutions
Electronic ManufacturingFaster time to market
Electronic ManufacturingReduced design revision
Electronic ManufacturingEasy identification of flaws and reduction of scrap
Electronic ManufacturingEase of re-engineering
Electronic ManufacturingMinimum effort in terms of processing and handling
Electronic ManufacturingQuality levels exceeding our customer expectations

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